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Home styling/ Home Refresh

Did you move to a new home that needs modernising or restoring?


Do you find it difficult to choose what to furnish your new extension with? Do you need help with a new colour scheme?


Is it simply time for a change? Would you like a seasonal update of your interiors?


Our “Home Styling” service begins with us listening to you carefully, then discussing ideas and helping you with your decision-making.


We can also guide you through the many decorative possibilities if you decide your home or a particular room or rooms do need a makeover - we have many tools to help you make informed choices about colour schemes, fabrics, flooring and all kinds of ornamental objects.


In addition, we can create a moodboard for each room to help you visualise your project. It will contain all the description and instruction necessary for you or your decorator to create the transformation yourselves.







Our moodboards are both conceptual and practical. They are not only designed to help you visualise the new project, they also include a descriptive list of where to buy what is presented. If you like what you see, you then know where to get it from and for how much. We have some trusted suppliers in France and in the UK and can offer discounted prices (usually 20% off the retail price) on our carefully selected products should they suit your new chosen look. We can also source this unique vintage or antique piece of your dreams, and paint most furniture pieces at very reasonable cost.

We are constantly searching for the best possible products and, with you in mind, we will select finds from our exisitng database or do new searches. 




My lifetime’s passion is for anything decorative, useful and beautiful, and along with frequent requests for my opinions from friends (and their friends) on both sides of the Channel, I came to realise my ability. Not only can I visualise the improved version of your home or venue and provide the skills to help you make it more attractive and comfortable, I always consider your tastes and hope to inspire you with my enthusiasm".




Please contact Laurence to discuss your requirements. We are happy to design a new package for you if more suitable to your needs.

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